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    • The overall solution of the station project ticketing system

      At present, the construction of domestic passenger transport stations tends to be modernized, but the link of customs clearance and ticket inspection is still relatively primitive. The basic situation:
      1. Basically, domestic railway stations use manual inspection during the inbound verification process. At present, only a small number of stations or short-distance trains realize automatic ticket checking with magnetic cards.
      2. The use of manual inspection leads to slow congestion at the entrance of the railway station during the peak traffic period.
      3. The error rate is high when the authenticity of tickets and ID cards is manually checked, which leads to increased work intensity of station staff, and at the same time, the cost of station manpower operation remains high.
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    • Face consumption system

      At present, a large number of domestic institutions and state-owned enterprises have staff canteens. These staff canteens are basically welfare in nature, and the meal costs are very low, and the unit often needs to subsidize the canteen to make up for the loss. However, the IC card identity verification method with the separation of the human card cannot solve the problem of swiping. Many employees’ family members and friends use the employee’s IC card to consume in the cafeteria. The abuse of the unit’s welfare has increased the burden on the unit.
      Shenzhen swing gate manufacturers wholesale, Shenzhen high-quality anti-collision swing gate
    • Smart Security Community System

      In the early days, the access control system was mainly based on "induction card recognition". Because there are too many cards now, it is easy to lose and difficult to manage. With the rapid development of emerging mobile Internet technologies, new breakthroughs have been made in smart access control technology. This solution combines the emerging mobile Internet cloud technology to transplant the access control management system to mobile phone APP applications, meeting the needs of users for mobile access control, and improving The interactive experience of the user and the access control system.
      Guangdong swing gate manufacturer, Guangdong high-quality swing gate manufacturer
    • Smart ticketing system

      The scenic area has two gates, the South Gate and the East Gate, with ticket gates. At present, almost all of them are entered by manual ticket checking. Due to the development of the times, the number of tourists in scenic spots has gradually increased, and the original ticketing system of scenic spots needs to be upgraded to better provide more convenient and intelligent services for scenic management and tourists. At present, the ticket types of the scenic area are: annual card, individual ticket, team ticket, red coupon, yellow coupon, half ticket, combined ticket, VIP ticket, various preferential certificates (such as senior citizen certificate, military officer certificate, blood donation certificate, pension certificate) , Veteran cadre certificate, disability certificate, etc.).
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